Euganean Hills ~ Villas, Gardens, Castles, and Ancient Churches

Euganean hills near Abano Terme - excursions, wines, sights, historical sites, magnificent panoramic sites, tastings of local products, trekking.
Euganean hills of Abano Terme  

Visit the Euganean Hills near Abano Terme for excursions, wine tasting, sights, historical sites, magnificent panoramic views, local product tastings, and trekking.

The Euganean Hills are a group of volcanic hills of about 35 million years old. The hills originated in the Eocene epoch (56–34 million years ago) during the Paleogene period as a result of the eruptions of underwater volcanoes that releases basaltic lava.

The Euganean Hills get their name from the Latin word Euganeus, which comes from the ancient Euganei people, who settled these in places before the arrival of the Venets.

What to See

There is something for everyone to see in the Euganean Hills. In 1989, the hills were recognized as the first regional park of the Veneto region. Local attractions include fortified towns, castles, churches, historic villas, breathtaking panoramas, gardens, and wineries.

The Euganean Hills are also a paradise for winemaking and animal husbandry. It is in these places that great wines, cheeses, and meat products are made by local masters from recipes handed down generation to generation since the time of the Roman Empire.

Villas and Gardens

  •  Giardino di Villa Barbarigo a Valsanzibio (15th century)
  • Villa dei Vescovi in Luvigliano (1474)
  • Villa Papafava in Frassanelle (1880)
  • Villa Beatrice d’Este in Baone (1221)
  • Villa Immacolata in Torreglia
  • Francesco Petrarca House in Arqua Petrarca (1369)
  • Villa Vicari in Teolo (15th century)
  • Villa Benvenuti in Este (1537)
  • Villa Callegari in Arqua Petrarca (16th century)
  • Villa Cavaglia Lully in Bresseo (17th century)
  • Villa Contarini Giovanelli Venier (1400)
  • Villa Contarini Piva in Valnogaredo (1482)
  • Villa Draghi in Montegrotto (1848)
  • Villa Emo Capodilista in Selvazzano Dentro (16th century)
  • Villa Gussoni Verson in Torreglia (1500 year)
  • Villa of the pianist Cesare Pollini in Luvigliano (19th century)
  • Villa Rosa in Tramont (17th century)
  • Villa Selvatiko in Sant Elena (1593)
  • Villa Tolomei in Luvigliano (1531)
  • Villa Vigna Contarena in Este (1600)
  • Villa Zadra in Torreglia (1790)

Castles and Towers

  • Carrarese Castle in Este (6th century)
  • Catajo Castle in Battaglia Terme (1570)
  • Lispid Castle in Monselice (18th century)
  • Chini’s castle in Monselice (11th century)
  • San Martino della Vaneza Castle in Cervarese Santa Croce (1324)
  • The Castle of Valbona in Monte Lozzo (13th century)
  • San Pelaggio Castle in Due Carrara (1318)
  • Castelletto Castle in Torreglia (899)
  • The Tower of Mastio Federiciano in Monselice (602)
  • The Ruins of Speronello Castle in Teolo (11th century)
  • Este Tower (1238)

Churches and Other Holy Places

  • Praglia Abbey in Teolo (11th century)
  • The Hard-to-Reach Church of San Antonio Abate in Teolo (6th century)
  • Cappella della Madonna in Torreglia (17th century)
  • Church of San Sabina in Torrellja (1212)
  • Church of St. Bartolomeo in Valnagaredo (15th century)
  • Church of San Giorgio Tramonte in Tramonte (1124)
  • San Martino Church in Este (11th century)
  • Church of San Martino in Luvigliano (1071)
  • Santa Justin Church at Teolo (1297)
  • Church of San Biagio in Castelnuovo (1016)
  • Church of Santa Justin in Monselice (1256)
  • Duomo di Santa Tecla in Este (4th century)
  • Monastery Camaldolese in Torreglia (1339 year)
  • Monastery of Santa Domenica in Monselice (1258)
  • Santuario delle Sette Chiese and Villa Duodo in Monselice (1605)
  • Oratorio Santa Croce in Cervarese (899 year)
  • The Ruins of the Monastery of Olivetans on the Highest Hill of Monte Venda (1197)
  • Monastery of Monte della Madonna in Rovolon / Teolo (1253)

Panoramic Views

  • Amphitheater del Venda (height of 500 meters)
  • Buso dei Briganti
  • The Hang Gliding Ramp
  • Monte Pirio
  • Pianoro del Mottolone
  • Salto della Volpe
  • Erike Stone

Archaeological Excavations

  • Buzo della Casara (era of the Roman Empire)
  • Excavations of Paleovenetts (8-7 centuries BC)
  • Roman Excavations at Este (Roman Empire)

Excursions to the Euganean Hills

Guided tours in Russian, Italian, English, French, and German to the most popular tourist sites are organized on the Euganean Hills. They include wine tasting tours and walking tours of the panoramic views in the Euganean Hills.
The cost of such excursions is about €40 euros per person (transportation included).
For more information, email

Euganean Hills ~ Villas, Gardens, Castles, and Ancient Churches
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